Synthetic Body-reality an online digital art exhibition presented by MEET Digital Culture Center and Fondazione CARIPLO (MILAN) runs from February 25, 2021 to March 25, 2021, and features the virtual installation  Alice Inside - 2021 (link to exhibition) by Artist and CNMAT affiliate, Claudia Hart, with music by CNMAT Director, Edmund Campion.  Curated by Julie Walsh, a Chicago-based curator with expertise in Contemporary Asian & Immersive technology art, the exhibition features 13 artworks that focus around the use of the body to express the challenges of the social, political, and cultural agenda of the present.

CNMAT affiliate artist Claudia Hart (link) is a featured with music by CNMAT Director, Edmund Campion (link).

The exhibition can be viewed through a normal browser or with most VR systems.


Link directly into Alice Inside - 2021