Workshop on Surface Transducers and Reembodied Sound Composition and Installation
August 17-18, 2019
CNMAT, 1750 Arch St., Berkeley
Instructor: Matthew Goodheart
Fee: $150

A hands-on introductory workshop on the use of surface transducers/speakers. The workshop will cover current practices in composition and sound installation, technical issues surrounding transducer usage, and a practical introduction to techniques and processes.


  • Review of recent work by artists using transduction
    • Aesthetic propositions
  • Introduction to surface transducer systems
    • Equipment review
    • Issues regarding transduced objects
  • Hands on exploration: reembodied sound techniques
    • Analysis and exploration
    • Synthesis and recursive techniques
    • Algorithmic and responsive interactions

Student may bring in past or current projects that use transducers for presentation and “masterclass” style commentary & instruction. Students are expected to bring their computers to playback/generate sound, though appropriate sound files will be provided.

SEATING IS LIMITED! To reserve a space, please contact Richard Andrews: