A E R is a site-specific installation, by UC Berkeley Graduate Composer Didem Coskunseven and Engin Daglik (Stanford), focusing on turning a ‘transitive space’ into a ‘space of experience’ by using lighting design and interactive spatial sound design in such a way that they manifest both an uncanny and inviting ambience. The work consists of four light structures hung on the surfaces of a shipping container and 8-channel interactive audio immersed in this transitive space. The starting point of designing the ambience of A E R evolves around some contrasting concepts such as 'expansion', 'vastness', 'percolation', and 'fragmentation'. 

A E R was exhibited as part of CODAME Art & Technology Festival @GITHUB Headquarters, San Francisco, CA between October 25-27, 2019.This project was supported by, and developed at CNMAT, under the guidance of Edmund Campion. Special thanks to Jeremy Wagner for his contribution in the construction of the installation.


Additional Project Images