Regent's Lecturer, Artist in Residence at CNMAT, March 10-26, 2017

Canadian electroacoustic musician and Director of Productions Totem Contemporain, Jean-François LaPorte, introduces his sculptural instruments and experimental control mechanisms during an extended residency at CNMAT.  Active on the contemporary art scene since the middle of the 1990s, LaPorte pursues an hybrid approach that integrates sonic arts, musical composition, performance, interpretation, installation, and digital art. Since 1993, Jean-François Laporte has written more than sixty works and appears regularly on international stages. 


During his residency, Mr. LaPorte presents a number of public concerts, seminar visits, undergraduate classroom visits, workshops, and lectures.

March 12, solo concert at the BAM/PFA Full Series, curated by Sarah Cahill


March 14, visit to Music 158B (Situated Instrument Design)

March 16, visit and performance in Music 29 (Music Now)

March 17, Transducer and Contact Microphone building workshop 

March 17,  solo concert at CNMAT (streamed live on the CNMAT YouTube channel)





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