last updated May 23, 2018 (EC)

SPAT Machine and bridge building to laptop with Ableton Live and Max/MSP as control source

Goal:  set up a laptop bridge to the SPAT machine in main room.

* Login to SPAT machine  (obtain login from Jeremy Wagner or Jeff). check instructions for login on SPAT machine.

•  Download and install the RME MADIface XT


              select the USB tab > for your system find the bundle that includes "MADIface XT "

SPAT machine has two I/O optical outputs. 

                One goes to the Ferro Fish which sends 8-channels out for Main Room speakers. 

                              Channel 64-128 are normally routed to the Ferro Fish

                Two is intended for the RME MADI which will interface to the laptop and allow for up to 64 channels

                             Channels 1-64 are normally routed through the RME MADI

•  IN MAX/MSP usie the MMJ-DEPOT SOUNDCHECK to confirm proper configuration of the 8-channel

RME TOTALMIX software on SPAT machine