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TESSELLATE assists with the generation, analysis, filtering, and mapping of rhythmic and pitch structures.  At its core, the library allows for the creation of permutational databases used to identify baseline models with unique properties that can further be hybridized and grown through an iterative process.

The library provides tools for constructing and mapping pitch data onto malleable polyphonic temporal structures.  It is ideal for creating multi-voice note-based textures in pitch and rhythm, and is designed to encourage fast iterative workflows using auditory and visual feedback.   


TESSELLATE is an OM Library created at CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) in 2016.  The core elements of the library were built by Matthew Schumaker during the summer of 2016, and in close collaboration with OM Developer Jean Bresson.  Bresson was in residence at CNMAT as a visiting Researcher/Scholar for 2016. Matthew Schumaker, Jean Bresson, and Edmund Campion, worked on the first CNMAT-OM release.  Edmund Campion created the tutorials.

Ideas and concepts for the library originated with Edmund Campion.  Campion was part of the IRCAM Cursus of Composition in 1994.  During that year, Campion was tutored by Mikail Malt in the LISP-based PatchWork environment, first conceived by Mikael Laurson, and later to become Open Music. It was Malt who helped create the first patches.  Campion went on to other compositional methods and left PatchWork behind.  When Bresson came to visit CNMAT in 2016, the project to rethink and build TESSELLATE in OM was hatched and now realized in a releasable version.  

As with most such projects, the work embeds many of the compositional working habits that Campion has developed over a period of years and includes many patches that are built only on standard OM objects. Several unique objects do occur in the library and an instance of every object is located in the Tessellate-helpfiles.  The Tessellate-overview contains multiple instances of objects from the library and organized by use case.

Aspects of TESSELLATE can be heard in many of Campion's musical compositions and most clearly in the works, Losing Touch (written for Daniel Ciampolini) and Ondoyant et Divers (Wavelike and Diverse), composed for the Percussion de Strasbourg Ensemble, and released on their 50th anniversary CD collection.

TESSELATTE TUTORIALS provide a complete overview and set of working patches.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the, unzip it and deposit the decompressed folder in your openmusic libraries folder in your Documents.

CNMAT-OM Library Beta download

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