Performing a selection of works for double bass, multi-channel tape, electronics and video.

"Paleo" by JoAnn Kuchera-Morin is a single movement, eight-minute work for double bass and computer-generated tape. "Romance with a Double Bass" Music by Momilani Ramstrum, digital animation by Lori Gordon, technical production by Momilani Ramstrum. "Reflections on Ives and Whittier" by Bertram Turetzky "Spectra" By Richard Felciano

Bertram Turetzky
Bert Turetzky is well known as a virtuoso contrabassist, and is one of the few performers in the history of Western music to have an entire library of music written specifically for him. He is thus considered to be one of the most important string players in the second half of the last century. As a performer, he has appeared in the music capitals of the world, always to the highest praise. His many recordings are well known and influential, and, in 1974, he was commissioned to write a book about his instrument. "The Contemporary Contrabass" outlined his research and extensions of technique that he developed. This book, combined with his performances and recordings, have literally changed the way that composers write for the instrument and people play it. In a sense, Bert Turetzky reinvented the contrabass. This volume was so well-written and successful, the UC Press asked him to coedit a series called "The New Instrumentation," for which he has arranged seven books to date (with the eighth one in the oven, so to speak). His introduction to the autobiography of "Pops" Foster has been acclaimed by some as the best writing in English on the early development of jazz bass playing. He has been commissioned and published as a composer here and abroad, and his arrangements and editions are also published and in wide use today.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004, 3:00am to 5:00am