We follow the life of data as it moves from sensing devices through the processing, and transformation to final output (sound, light, and motion synthesis). The key to this process is the numerous wiring or patching techniques.

Although perhaps the least glamorous part of the workshop, wiring of all kinds is the key to freedom of choice
of sensors in your projects.
We demonstrate physical wiring (solderless, soldering, fabric), virtual wires (Max/MSP/Jitter patchchords) and symbolic (Open Sound Control).

Temporary connections (switches) will also be demonstrated with a wide array of switching sensors, conventional switches and buttons, and many fabric switch techniques, e.g., clasps, conductive velcro etc.

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<img src="http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/system/files/attachments/2706668727_365cef2a96...

The many techniques will be illustrated with short demonstrations and hands-on exercises as an introduction to later amplifiications and deeper treatment in afternoon labs throughout the week.

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Monday, July 21, 2008, 6:00pm to 7:00pm