*** Location: Mills College Ensemble Room, Mills College ***

Composer Matthew Goodheart presents a lecture/demonstration about his recent sound installations using computer controlled cymbals and gongs, which have been featured at festivals and art galleries in both the US and Europe. Small transducers (speakers) are attached to their rear surfaces of cymbals and gongs, which are then controlled via a computer, giving the impression the instruments are sounding by themselves, without being touched. The harmonic spectrum of each instrument having been mapped out in detail, the installation produces sensuously complex acoustic sound environments that reveal previously hidden properties of these resonant traditional instruments.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Matthew Goodheart explores a variety of contemporary music forms. His broad foundation, technical innovations, and sensitivity have allowed him to develop a solid reputation as both a solo performer, collaborative artist, and composer. He has toured extensively in the US , Canada, and Europe, has released several recordings under his own name, and appears as a collaborator on several others.

Photos and sound excerpts can be found [http://matthewgoodheart.com/installation.html|here].

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 3:30am to 5:00am