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recipe for analog and digital pull up control on arduino

Posted by Adrian Freed on July 26, 2009

//shorthands to turn on the built-in pullup resistors for each pin

inline void digitalPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { pinMode(pin, INPUT); digitalWrite(pin, b?HIGH:LOW); }
#if defined(__AVR_ATmega1280__)
inline void analogPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { digitalPullup(pin+54,b); }
inline void analogPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { digitalPullup(pin+14,b); }


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etextile class planning notes

Posted by Adrian Freed on June 17, 2009

cycles water etc
mirroring blood flow
source and sink
throw and retrieve

By cutting, sewing, sticking, weaving, and layering unusual e-textiles we will build interactive clothing and musical instruments in a collaborative workshop environment.

extrinsic sensors
Accelerometer for tilt and energy and falling

Extrinsic actuators
sound makers

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Social Networking

Posted by Max Suechting on June 10, 2009

Before I begin, I have to say that it's a bit intimidating to look at my (rather pedestrian) posts alongside the work of Andy Schmeder (Wii remote hacking, pendaphonics) and Adrian Freed (stringless 12-string cello). My recommendation would be to stop reading this and scroll down on your browser to read about some truly interesting stuff.

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Posted by Max Suechting on June 4, 2009

Good afternoon and hello to everyone. My name is Max; this summer I have the privilege of working here at CNMAT on a variety of projects, with the generous support of the Amherst Center for Community Engagement and it's Fellowships for Action programs, as well as the help of Richard Andrews and the rest of the CNMAT staff.