Matthew Schumaker is a native of San Francisco, where he is based. He earned a doctorate in Music Composition from UC Berkeley in 2015 where he studied with Professors Edmund Campion, Cindy Cox, Franck Bedrossian, Ken Ueno and David Wessel. His piece, As I ride the late night freeways, for soprano and orchestra, was premiered by soloist Ann Moss and the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra in October, 2015. An article about this work was subsequently published in The OM Composer’s Book 3. In 2016, with input from Ircam's Jean Bresson, Matthew programmed CNMAT's Tessellate library, an algorithmic composition toolset conceived and specified by CNMAT's Director, Edmund Campion. Tessellate is written in Lisp for use in the OpenMusic environment and is scheduled for a release by CNMAT in Summer, 2017.

From Fall 2015 through Summer 2017, Matthew is a Lecturer at UCB where he teaches courses on computer music and music perception and cognition.

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