The [|California E.A.R. Unit] (core players Eric Clark - Violin, Vicki Ray - Piano and Amy Knoles  – Percussion) is a chamber ensemble dedicated to the creation, performance, and promotion of the music of our time. The Ensemble is comprised of performers and composers that began with the goal of developing the first true repertory ensemble for new music in Los Angeles. The California E.A.R. Unit strives to achieve a flexibility and rapport within contemporary music, and earn an international reputation as one of America’s finest contemporary chamber ensembles.

The program includes:

- Tricomatic (Clay Chaplin)

- Trois Espaces (Eric Chasalow)

- Before Quake (Ulrich Krieger)

- Spill Out (Linda Bouchard)

- Three Vestiges (Amy Knoles)

- Jugg(ular)ling (Vicki Ray)

- ExPat (Eric km Clark)

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Sunday, February 28, 2010, 4:00am to 4:00am