In his intense and puzzling program *All of Yesterday’s Parties, Europe-based composer and performer [|Marko Ciciliani] exposes CNMAT to his cutting edge electroacoustic solo compositions, sound-art works and light design.

“Innovative”, “future-­‐proof”, “the energy of rock and the complexity of composed music”, says the international press on the music of Ciciliani.

He performs a selection from his evening long *Suicidal Self Portraits* and from his 4 hour long work *Pop **W**all Alphabet*. With *m**uzART*, * Intersection* and *8’66” *Ciciliani is showing three different audiovisual constellations, making use of lighting and video.

Common in all of these very diverse pieces is that Ciciliani conceives sound on a range between abstract sonic material and emotionally charged triggers of memory. This takes place a.o. by incorporating found sounds or soundscapes, or by creating abstract walls of sound by superimposing
works by other artists. Thereby, a number of different listening modes are engaged in the listeners where psychoacoustic phenomena come into
play, making the listening a personal and sensual experience.

The complete program consist of the following compositions (subject to change):

All of Yesterday's Parties (2010)
for voice, electric guitar and live electronics (13')

intersection (2013)
for video and live-­‐electronics (7')

Pop **W**all Alphabet – B* (2011)
for soundtracks (8')

8’66” *(2012) – collaboration with Yannis Kyriakides
for video and iPads (9')

mu**z**A**rt* (2011)
for live-­‐electronics, lighting, video and the Wendy Carlos Revival Orchestra (21')

Concert Presented by the CNMAT User's Group

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Monday, February 11, 2013, 4:00am to 6:00am
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