Mitch Stahlmann, flutes

Nayoung Jung, flutes, piano, percussion

Sarah Grace Graves, vocals


Mitch Stahlmann is a multidisciplinary performer, primarily working with flutes, electronics and mixed media. He's currently finishing his MFA in electronic music at Mills college.

Composer, improviser, conductor, vocalist and pianist Nayoung Jung (b. Busan, South Korea) grew up with classical music, starting piano at a very early age. Using her strong classical training as a groundwork, she incorporates sound sources, noise, and Korean traditional music with extended techniques to make her distinctive musical palette. Since she started improvising on the piano a few years ago, she has been developing her music vocabulary in performance, improvisation and composition. She has explored and experimented with new sounds and techniques inside of the piano and has committed herself to all the possibilities of the sonic world and musical composition. She is currently completing her second master degree, MFA in Improvisation at Mills after her first one in music composition.

Composer-vocalist Sarah Grace Graves seeks to recreate the direct connection between sensation and sound she enjoys as a performer in her notated music. In delving into sensation as a core musical parameter, she often collaborates closely with other vocalists: night vision (2019) for two voices, her collaboration with vocalist Niki Lada at IlSuono Contemporary Music Week, explores the dramatic potential of different levels of vocal stability, intensity, and turbulence; Both/And (2018) for two vocalists and two percussionists examines the anonymity found in extremes of vocal register. As an improvisor, Sarah Grace has played with Nicholas Isherwood, Amadea Laessig, Virginia Guidi, Felicita Brusoni, Victor Andrini, Tyler Neidermayer, Nick Bruce, Jerry Hou, Saul Williams, Angelbert Metoyer, Luke Fischbeck and Sara Rara's project Lucky Dragons, Lisa Harris, Kurt Stallmann, Justin Jones, and David Dove. She met Nayoung and Mitch in Myra Melford's improvisation seminar in Spring 2019.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019, 8:00pm to 10:00pm
1750 Arch St.
Berkeley, CA
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