To place oneself somewhere, to root, to habituate, to soak deep and believe, to smell and eat and become, to dress, to sink, to be overwhelmed, to gang up and involve and dip low-and-happy.

To displace oneself from somewhere, to uproot and alienate, to unplug, to resist and observe, to deprive, to go hungry, to be lonely, to move on and to forget, to be undone and to be obnoxiously melancholic.

— Mu-Xuan Lin


// …à… – Mu-Xuan Lin
for flute and field-recording (world premiere)

// Entre funérailles IV – Mark Applebaum
for flute (2000)

//  L'Intrigante – Colin Roche
for piccolo (2015)

// Take your time… Hurry up – Davor Braminir Vincze
for basse flute (with flute) and live electronics (2016)


Invited by CNMAT, Stanford university (the department of composition) and People inside electronics, Shao-Wei Chou presents the concerts place/displace in CNMAT and Villa aurora on April 15th and 19th. She will also give a workshop on contemporary flute in Stanford university on April 16th.

Making dialogue among the composers to find a sensitive coherence of their life, influences and aesthetic, therefore, the international dimension is essential for this program, at the crossroads of Asia, the north American, continental Europe and the Balkans.

The flute will be also plural – from piccolo to bass flute, from acoustic radiation to electronic projection, and in a context from artistic to pedagogic.

Shao-Wei Chou, a Taiwanese flutist living in Paris, Currently working at the conservatory of Gennevilliers as a flute professor (suburbs of Paris, France). She is also the founding member of Ensemble 20° dans le noir which advocates the contemporary repertoire in solo, chamber music, and mixed music.

Her past experiences include being selected by the festival Klangspuren with the Ensemble Modern Academy in 2013 and participated the Impuls academy in 2015. Shao-Wei joined the festival Présences at the Radio France in 2014 to interpret the trio “temA” by Helmut Lachenmann, and in the same year, she was chosen as a soloist at the festival Mixtur in Spain to perform the work of Salvatore Sciarrino, Kaijia Saariaho, and Brain Ferneyhough. Moreover, she performed with the ensemble C Barré and ICE at the festival Les Musiques in Marseille in 2018 May.

Influenced by diverse cultures, she regularly pursues multidisciplinary collaborations. She has received an AGITA grant from the municipal council of Figueres (Spain), and the grant from the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan to present her interdisciplinary performance “EsacarxofffES!!! ” in October 2014. She took part in the danse and music workshop, working with American choreographer Daniel Linehan and Belgian composer Stefan Prins during the Darmstadt summer course in 2018.

Shao-Wei gives also concerts and conferences in her homeland in Taiwan. Since 2014, she has been collaborating with Taiwanese musicians for her projet “Flute Music from the Past and Nowadays” to promote Western music and young composers in Taiwan.







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Monday, April 15, 2019, 8:00pm to 10:00pm
1750 Arch St
Berkeley, CA
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