Aditi Raja is an undergraduate researcher at CNMAT. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Music. At CNMAT, Aditi is currently working with Professor Carmine Cella on a project that involves music style transfer using generative adversarial networks (GANs). Another project that she has been working on through CNMAT with Andrew Blanton is building an interactive virtual music and art exhibition "Antiphon" on the platform "," using real-time data from a motion capture suit to modulate elements of the audio-visual performance. In the past, she has worked with Edmund Campion and Jeremy Wagner to test Max/MSP patches related to I/O-Wrappers and the hardware controller library at CNMAT by matching them to physical I/O controllers.

Aditi started her musical journey learning the piano and classical Indian (Carnatic) music. She joined choir and received more vocal training through that experience. She enjoys playing other instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and the banjo for fun as well. Aditi is also a composer who has worked with acoustic and digital instruments.

At UC Berkeley, the classes that Aditi has taken through CNMAT have sparked a passion in the intersections between computer science and music. Specifically, she is very interested in using software technology to create music as well as exploring artificial intelligence in music. As a Computer Science major, Aditi has gotten involved with teaching other students through an organization on campus called Computer Science Mentors (CSM). She is also involved with another organization called Data Science Society where she consults on data science related projects for different companies and is currently a project manager for the Social Good committee where she works specifically with nonprofit organizations.