Aditi Raja

Aditi Raja is an undergraduate researcher at CNMAT. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Music. At CNMAT, Aditi is working with Edmund Campion and Jeremy Wagner to test Max/MSP patches related to I/O-Wrappers and the hardware controller library at CNMAT by matching them to physical I/O controllers.


Jonathan Kulpa

Jon Kulpa’s works explore sound mass, algorithmically generated sound texture, spatial sound, and interactivity.  His most recently completed project, QuBits, is a virtual reality (VR) sound-space.  A user navigates this environment while wearing a VR headset, encountering many virtual characters that each have a type of appearance and sonic identity.  Using hand controllers, a user is able to affect the audiovisual behavior of virtual charac


Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner is a composer, performer and sound designer based in the Bay Area.  Since 2016 he has served as Research Composer and technical coordinator for CNMAT's research & production infrastructure, providing sound & video engineering support for CNMAT concerts & events while mentoring graduate composers in a wide range of production technologies.


Richard Andrews

As CNMAT's Associate Director, I am responsible for a number of programmatic, operational, administrative and financial activities:

- CNMAT organizational development: Strategic planning, policy development and implementation, resource allocation

- Fundraising: Cultivate donors (individuals, corporations, foundations, agencies). Solicit donations (grants, gifts, in-kind), manage donor acknowledgement and stewardship


Edmund Campion

Edmund Campion is Professor of Music Composition and Director at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley.