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SHRC Meeting 9/17/2007

Posted by admin on September 17, 2007


- Protocol of the golden ears experiment
- Protocol of the validation experiment
- Compressor details to be as close as possible to the mechanism of a hearing aid

**Golden Ears**:

- 3 subjects are ready, skilled music production engineers

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Campion's advice to graduate composers

Posted by Edmund Campion on August 19, 2007

Your music is what matters: stand by it.
If you are a genius, you will be recognized, if you are not, you may still be recognized.
Take the long term view.
Take interest in the work of those around you.
Travel with your work
Work closely with musicians of all kinds and if possible, perform music yourself
Always express your mind, but do not insult!

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Word about my Practice

Posted by Edmund Campion on August 19, 2007

Emerging technologies have been the generative source of my compositional output for the past decade. Sometimes, I collaborate with scientists, engineers and other artists in an effort to exploit the potential of using the personal computer as a musical instrument.

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Anxiety about All-Art

Posted by Edmund Campion on August 5, 2007

Musical genres requiring 10-20 years of physical and mental training for execution, reinforce the borders on permissible sounds. The experimental years shattered the borders and opened broad new territories that embraced all possible sound, idea, and art. Those in the disciplined arts cried foul and proclaimed that anarchy was loosed on the world as "here comes everybody".

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How I Spent my summer vacation 070712 (Thurs)

Posted by Matt Wright on July 12, 2007

- More anti-crash features for printit

- multibuf pogrom on my Mac's hard drive - found every single copy, deleted most of them, incorporated everything good into the Subversion version, and found a lot of gems along the way.

- Helped David install Subversion and start using it.

- Updated [cnmat:node/7|our Subversion documentation]

- Ongoing MMJ-Depot additions and quality control.

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Adding Pressure Sensitivity to Monome Keys

Posted by Adrian Freed on July 11, 2007

By cutting a small disk of piezoresistive fabric with a central hole I retrofitted a higher resistance range pressure sensor into the Sparkfun clone of a Monome pad.
[inline-right:IMG_6436.jpg=Pressure sensivie Monome Retrofit]

The Monome ( interfaces are square arrays of illuminated switches interfaced over USB using OSC messaging.

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How I Spent my summer vacation 070710 (Tues)

Posted by Matt Wright on July 10, 2007

- long Drupal meeting

- Finished going though the baseline, cleaning it up, debugging, etc., and emailed out a first draft.

- Started doing the same for modules

- Began documenting MMJ-Depot coding conventions

- Versions 0.2 and 0.3 of OSC-unroute.js

- Going through archives of my old files from Lab1 and Lab3, deleting most, saving some good bits in SVN.