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How I Spent my summer vacation 070709 (Mon)

Posted by Matt Wright on July 9, 2007

Making sure all recent discussion about MMJ-Support terminology is in the glossary.

Writing up definitions for alpha/beta/gamma status.

Figuring out with MZ how to release the MMJ-Depot before we have a full-fledged Drupal-based release/downloads system

Qualilty control and editing pass for baseline (SDIF, basic-programming, calibration, and midi).

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Max in 20 Objects or Fewer (part 1)

Posted by Michael Zbyszynski on July 6, 2007

For a few years, many of the CNMAT Max instructors have been talking about the idea of "Max in n objects or less." (Actually, the word should be "fewer," but then the relationship to some self-help books wouldn't be so clear. The concept is this: Beginning Max users see the manual with a couple hundred max objects and get intimidated.

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Paper Final Draft Excercise

Posted by admin on June 29, 2007

Pretend the paper was entirely lost and must be rewritten. *Determine:*

1) Who the paper would serve (who benefits):

- IT director of an organization interested in technical solutions for online information management

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How I spent my summer vacation 070627 (Weds)

Posted by Matt Wright on June 27, 2007

- ICMC paper coordination

- Helping MZ get _Corail_ working for Dean's visit

- Auditory stream segregation research (for John)

- Designing OSC policy for MMJ-Depot modules

- OSC-route free() bug fix

- researching Max representation of 64-bit OSC time tags for Andy

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How I spent my summer vacation 070625 (Mon)

Posted by Matt Wright on June 25, 2007

Worked on signal control input implementation for timemachine~

Met with Michael and Edmund about our ICMC paper ("DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF CNMAT’S PEDAGOGICAL SOFTWARE"), helped find the current verison of the text, created a new revision of the text.

Researched some of the modular Max/MSP systems we refer to in the paper: