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Nils Improvisations

Posted by Nils Bultmann on December 21, 2010

"Free" Improvised music
One of the great benefits and pleasures of my time at CNMAT was the opportunity to continue to play with a variety of guest free improvisers.
I define "free" in this case as scoreless and without any discussing prior on what we intend to play .
Here are some examples: Headphones please my friends:

with Frank Gratkowski and David Wessel (2006)

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Publication Nodes

Posted by Yotam Mann on October 26, 2010

I did a review of the publication nodes a few weeks ago, and found that many of them are missing pictures in the full text or are lacking a PDF altogether. I'll post all of the links so that the publication authors or whoever wants to fix any of these can go ahead and do so.

# Publications without pictures in the full-text:

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Node 10000!

Posted by Yotam Mann on October 18, 2010

This blog entry has the node number 10000. When I first started working on the CNMAT website 3 years ago, we were still at one or two hundred nodes in the drupal site.

Congratulations anyone who has ever added a page to the site!

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Addition of a new vocabulary set

Posted by Yotam Mann on October 1, 2010

I've added a new feature to the CNMAT site that allows users to suggest a term. There is a new field at the bottom of Audio, Image, Video, Resource, Music and Inter-arts projects, and Blog Entries titled "Didn't find the tag you were looking for?". The user is then allowed to type whatever terms they would like. There is [cnmat:node/9934|a documentation page] related to that.

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Dodec Speaker Simulation

Posted by admin on October 1, 2010

This is from a fast-multipole boundary element method sound-hard acoustic simulation of the CNMAT 12-sided dodecahedral loudspeaker.

Geometry, ~3000 triangles. Active speaker is green pointing towards +X axis.


Bubble plot, linear amplitude of response on a sphere at 2 meters, 1khz.


XY planar slice, contour lines are -6db steps.

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Furrer Quartet Percussion Instrumentation

Posted by Matt Schumaker on September 30, 2010

Chris provided this listing of the full percussion instrumentation of the Furrer "Quartett". I spoke with Jim Coates who gave me information about what the school has to offer of these instruments. Notes are below.

YES--means Berkeley has it/them
NO--means Berkeley doesn't have it/them.


Furrer Percussion Quartet

Instrument master list

(2) marimba - (4.3) -- YES

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Maxlib and other topics

Posted by admin on September 27, 2010


- Conventions
- literate naming
- symmetric operations
- minimal dependencies
- Control Extras
- delay.minutes
- nop and nop~
- route.test
- List operations
- iteration: each, map, reduce
- operations: sort, interleave, min, max, length, partition, range, take, union, ...
- Audiometrics
- spl
- dithering
- Auditory