CNMAT Fall 2020 newsletter

The CNMAT Fall 2020 Newsletter is availabe for download here.


The CNMAT Users Group (CUG) have teamed with CNMAT's Associate Director, Richard Andrews, to conceive and produce this first edition of the CNMAT Newsletter.  CNMAT strives to be an open community of users and dedicated staff who work together. We continue to thrive both on-line and in person -- where allowed.  WOW, what a year!!!


SweetWire Music Video Release

Greg Niemeyer (Art Practice) in collaboration with composer Hallie Smith and dancer Olivia Holston have released the new music video SweetWire.


Oren Boneh's Her Majesty the Fool (2020)

Her Majesty the Fool (2020) by Oren Boneh, UCB Ph.D. in Music Composition, with Fanny Vicens, XAMP mictrotonal accordion and electronics. Premiered at the Festival Manifeste IRCAM 2020 with support from Grégoire Lorieux, Thierry De Mey, and the IRCAM Pedagogical Team. Filmed at Centre Pompidou, Paris Video production: Année Zéro – Benoît Martin, Guillaume Foresti